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Phirni Recipe | How to Prepare Rice Phirni | Easy Indian Dessert Recipe for Festivals

Phirni is an amazingly tasty delightful dessert that is served after a scrumptious festive meal.

This rice and milk based pudding is made with great care and devotion and served with various 
garnishes on top. Some sprinkle few strings of kesar, or finely chopped almond and pista pieces, or rose petals, or some also prefer topping the bowl with pomegranate seeds.

This classic India sweet is a favourite dessert and is mainly prepared during festivals, marriages, ceremonies and special happy occasions.

indian dessert phirni recipe

The recipe is just apt for this season of Navaratri.

Here is a quick look at how is Phirni/Firni made.

You will need

Half cup long grain rice (basmati rice)
One litre thick milk
Half cup sugar
Few strands of saffron (kesar)
One spoon of cardamom powder (elaichi)

Phirni Recipe – Indian Dessert Recipe for Festivals

Wash and soak long grain rice in water for about 4 hours.

Soaked Basmati Rice for Rice Phirni

Then drain the water and spread the rice on a clean cotton cloth so the traces of water are absorbed.
Allow it on the cloth for about 10 minutes. 

basmati rice india

Then collect all the spread rice into one heap on the cloth and cover the heap with a piece of cloth or just roll over the cloth on which it is spread.

With the help of a rolling pin, crush the rice. 

rice phirni recipe

The long grain of rice will reduce to 3-4 small pieces.

Meanwhile in a heavy thick bottomed vessel, heat milk. When the milk is considerably hot, take about 2-3 spoon of hot milk in a separate bowl and add strands of saffron and keep aside.

dissolved saffron

Allow the milk to boil. Once the milk boils, add the broken rice pieces and keep stirring until the rice is completely cooked.

condensed milk

Stirring continuously without any break is a must.

rice phirni recipe

Add sugar, cardamom powder, dissolved saffron, cashew pieces and continue boiling

By the time rice is cooked, the milk would have reduced to half the original quantity.

rice and milk pudding phirni recipe

The entire process of boiling until all the ingredients blend together, will take approximately about 30-45 minutes.

phirni recipe indian dessert

Allow it to cool and garnish as needed. Phirni is usually served cold in earthen pots.


Sugar is not to be added while nearing the end of the preparation. Add sugar well in advance and allow it to dissolve completely and prolonged boiling of sugar syrup along with milk is also recommended.

Make sure that the rice is cooked properly before you add sugar. Once sugar is added, rice is not cooked further.

The taste is unique when the earthen pots are soaked in water for atleast 2 hours before using, and also when phirni is allowed to stand in the earthen pots for another 2 hours before serving.

Try this simple and easy dessert recipe to serve your guests during festivals.

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Modern Krishna with Sunglasses - Photo Contest Entry 7

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Lochan Kaarthikeya from Vishakhapatnam is a modern styled Krishna with lovely sunglasses. 

little krishna fancy dress with sunglasses

In Pics - Dasara Flower and Fruit Show 2016 Mysore

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Dasara Flower and Fruit Show is concducted annually during the festival of Dasara by the Horiculture Department of Mysore.

The colourful affair of flowers is organized at Curzon Park in Mysore. This year 2016, there are several special highlights that you should not miss.

The prime highlight is the model of India Gate made of numerous red and peach roses.

Dasara Flower Show 2016 - India Gate Rose Model

Bombe Mane Exhibition and Sale of Dasara Dolls Mysore

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The magnificent city of Mysore is currently a paradise of art galleries and exhibitions. You will find exhibitions on every possible category you can think of in one of the other public parks and open spaces during Dasara festival.

To quickly name a few – dolls exhibition at Bombe Mane, flower show and exhibition and Kuppanna Park, Food festival with huge line of stalls at Scouts and Guides Ground, old rustic vintage lanterns exhibition at Ranga Mela, Chitra Santhe usually at the shaded street near Metropole, book exhibition, the list goes on endlessly.

2016 Bombe Mane Dolls

Naughty Little Krishna With Jewelled Crown and Flute - Photo Contest Entry 6

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Pranav looks cute and naughty with the perfect Krishna costume.

Krishna dress up fro 2 years

Where to Buy Dasara Dolls in Mysore

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The festive season is at its peak all over Karnataka. Dasara is unique and special in Mysuru. The Kingdom of Wodeyars gets turned into a beautiful land of dolls.

Every year people buy and add dolls to their collection of several decades and thus every house hold has a huge number of dolls and sets which are passed from generation to generation.

where to buy dasara dolls

Dasara Gombe Navaratri Doll Festival – Pattada Gombe, Tier Arrangement, History, Customs & Significance

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Dasara, the festival of 10 long days which glorifies Goddess and her fiercely power in defeating the evil. This festival is celebrated throughout India, but the traditions and customs vary a lot and are unique to each place.

Southern India celebrates in a totally different manner than in North. Dasara, observes the tradition of Doll Festival in many parts of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

In Karnataka, Dasara straight away indicates the pomp and glory of Royal Mysore. Mysore Dasara is little different than other places.

Dasara Gombe Utsava which is Doll Arrangement Festival has a special significance. Every house hold has a doll house arranged and displayed throughout the 10 days.

Pattada Gombe

In Mysore, the arrangement is incomplete if Pattada Gombe, a pair of wooden dolls husband and wife, is not included. 

mysore dasara doll arrangement pattada gombe

Happy Dussehra Greetings

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The festivities have begun. Dasara, a glorious celebrations for 10 long days which ends on the day of Vijayadashami.

Happy Dussehra 2016

Boro Plus – India’s Largest Selling Antiseptic Cream

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A natural herbal product with Ayurvedic ingredients that is very effective on the skin usually draws consumers in large number. 

Boro Plus Antiseptic Cream* is one of the best known antiseptic cream products – the largest selling antiseptic cream in India which is suitable for all problems for every person in the family, from small babies to young children, from beauty enthusiasts ladies to aged elderly people.

Boro Plus Antiseptic Cream Review

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Black Kajal Review & Swatches

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Kajal becomes a part of your routine from the time we are new born babies.

Ours is a land where kajal has a very pure and top priority when it comes to beauty. With large circular kajal dot on forehead, cheeks, near the ear lobes or under the feet, babies begin their special relation with black kajal.

Then with growing age, kajal/kohl takes part in beautifying our eyes. Some aged women also use kajal to blacken their streaks of grey hair.

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kajal Review

My Little Krishna - Photo Contest Entry 5

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Anish Chandra Balabathuni (3 years) a Little Krishna

how to design krishna crown

Cute Indian Kid Dressed as Little Krishna - Photo Contest Entry 4

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Badrinath Vijayanand from Chennai dressed as Krishna during Krishna janmashtami celebrations.

baby dressed as krishna indian fancy dress

Home Remedy for Baby Constipation

Smooth movements of baby bowels is very important for their healthy growth and happy time. Hard pellets or clay like baby stools are the symptoms of baby constipation. This is an informational article with few home remedies for baby constipation. In severe cases contact your doctor for help.



Raisins are the best coolant for appetite. Clean and wash just one raisin and soak in half cup boiled water for 2 hours. Once the raisin is swollen, smash as much as possible in the soaked water. Filter out the hard pieces of raisin. Feed this raisin water for 3 or 4 days. You will find release in baby constipation.

Remember not to continue this for more than four days as there are chances of catching cold.

This Is How You Should Dress As Radha For Janmashtami - Photo Contest Entry 3

Aakriti from Dehradun dresses up as Little Radha during the celebrations of Krishna Janmashthami this year. 

how to dress as Radha for Krishna Janmashthami

How Many Ganapati Pandals Did You See This Year

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Ganesh Chaturthi reflects with great grandeur in Mumbai. The majestic festival comes with immense devotion and madness not just in Mumbai, but across the entire nation.

The pandals installed at every public centre/place and every corner of the street is visited by many.

Ganapathi Pandals 2016