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Hayagreeva Maddi - Udupi Recipe

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Hayagreeva Maddi is a favourite dessert of Madhwa Brahmins and one of the top listed recipes in udupi cuisine.  The sweet dish is just a matter of cooking Bengal gram with jaggery and garnishing dry fruits. But the history behind this dessert has made it famous and favourite among the residents of Udupi and surroundings.

Hayagreeva Maddi - Udupi Recipe

7 Reasons Why Babies Cry

Child’s cry is the way they communicate with you for their need.  Although difficult it is mandatory to attend your child’s cry and interpret their needs. Also crying is a sign of unhealthy or discomfort.

Reasons for your Child’s Cry

First make a clear concept that without a reason a child never yells. Here are some most common reasons for child’s cry.

Patanjali Balm - Ayurvedic product for Cold and Headache

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Among the health care patanjali products, Patanjali balm for cold and head ache is one among them. The Indian brand covered all the products including both personnel and health care with impressive quality, price and efficiency.

Patanjali Balm - Ayurvedic product for Cold and Headache

10 Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes For Kids

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First of all, Merry Christmas to all. 

The festival of Christmas brings along so much of fun, excitement and happiness.

The decoration of Christmas tree, home décor with all things that represents snow and sparkle, the exchanging and sharing of gifts, the preparations of Christmas recipes, the special party with friends and family, Christmas theme fancy dress; there is so much to prepare and celebrate.

Today we see here few of the fancy dress costumes which little kid sport during the Christmas celebration at the school this year.

christmas party fancy dress ideas

10 Best Christmas Ornaments That You Might Like To Hang On Christmas Tree

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Your Christmas Tree is the center piece of your Christmas decoration. Whatever is your idea or budget, the beautifully decorated Christmas tree always steals the show every year.

Christmas bells decoratives

Libero Baby Lotion Review

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It is cold, dry and dull all over. The weather isn’t enjoyable any more. I can see that the dry weather is taking a toll on our skin. Kids are not spared too. Infact, the delicate skin of babies and kids and more affected than ours.

Thick creams, heavy body lotions, lip balms, body oils; all these come out handy and we empty one after the other.

Libero Baby Lotion Baby Lotions India

Jackfruit Halwa Recipe | Easy Indian Jackfruit Dessert | Easy Jackfruit Recipes

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The seasonal fruit jackfruit can be cooked into variety of food items right from breakfast , curry, snacks and dessert.

Here is an recipe of yum yum jackfruit halwa cooked from an fully ripened jackruit.

jackfruit halwa recipe

Patanjali Herbal Suhag Teeka / Herbal Sindoor Review

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It is a tradition in Hinduism where ladies apply kumkuma/sindoor in the midst of eye brows. But every traditional custom ruled by our ancestors has a scientific significance. Previously, purest kumkuma/sindoor was prepared at every home from fresh turmeric, cow’s ghee and camphor.  Later on the contaminated kumkuma/sindoor got released in the local market in forms of powder, liquid and also stickers causing skin infection.

Ajna chakra (the sixth chakra of our body) also called as “the third eye” resides in the midst of eyebrows which is known to be activated when the pure kumkuma is applied regularly. This chakra deals with senses, intuition, mental stability and wisdom also it governs human brain.

Patanjali Herbal Suhag Teeka / Herbal Sindoor

Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion Review

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The name DOVE itself expresses its tenderness over skin. Among a wonderful range of skin and hair products, dove essential nourishment body lotion is the one.
Also for the winter time they are the best ones for your dried scrapped skin.

25 Beautiful South Indian Bridal Hairstyle Ideas

Whenever you attend a wedding occasion, what will be your first question? How was the bride? Her jewellery, outfit, hair style.....entirely the bridal look. True? Yes true, wedding is a bride’s day. And however modern you are, on the wedding occasion a bride is restricted to stick to her tradition. 

Every region in our country has their own way of bridal look. In some regions mostly North India the brides costume is lehenga and in south of India dressed in silk sarees. Not just the costume, right from wedding rituals till bride’s jewellery and fashion you will find uniqueness.

south indian bridal hairstyle ideas

VLCC Lovable Lips Lip Balms in Rose and Cherry Review

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Who can live without lip balms? Be it any season, I cannot go without a lip balm. I have one tube or tub in every vanity bag of mine.

For day time, I prefer tinted ones as they make my job easier. I need not mandatorily wear a lipstick when I wear a tinted lip balm. For night time I prefer non-colour, thick textured, waxy lip balm since they make my lips butter soft by the time I wake up in the morning.

Now, one of the new addition into my vanity are lip balms from VLCC, they are gorgeously tinted and in perfect shade that I wish for.

VLCC Lovable Lips Lip Balms

Make Your Own Diwali Lamps- Creative Decoration Ideas/DIY

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Its long after we celebrated Diwali but the festive feeling still remains. I simply do not want to wind the festival memories and excitements. Here is one more article on Diwali .

The festival of lamps lightens up creative ideas on how best we can decorate our house lightening and colourful.  Although varieties of decorative collections are available in the market, you will enjoy making your own handicraft items. 

Make Your Own Diwali Lamps- Creative Decoration Ideas/DIY

Memories of Deepawali - 2016 Celebrations

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It is over a fortnight the festival of lights has brought happiness and prosperity all around us. But the fever of celebrations has not yet gone off me.

I still keep admiring what I bought during the festive shopping. I am not yet ready to remove away the torans we arranged at our main door. I do not want to remove the lighting arrangement décor we did at our front door. I am still trying out various Diwali special dishes which I could not do it all during the festival.

diwali rangoli ideas

Celebration of Tulasi Pooja

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We all know the importance of humble Tulasi (holy basil) in our life. The herb is the best air purifier with hordes of medicinal values. Also in Hindu tradition, the holy tulasi plant is worshipped and planted right in front of the door step which blesses with health and wealth.  

What We Did This Deepawali – Handmade Greeting Cards

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Few years ago, Deepawali wishes were sent to near and dear ones via greeting cards.
As a child I remember collecting so many of them which we received every year through India Post.

Now is the age of mobiles and other gadgets. The mode of sending Deepawali wishes has got itself upgraded to text messages, whatsapp messages or phone calls. 

We thought of reliving my lost school days. We tried making greeting cards at home as a special event during the festival.

Draw handmade greeting card