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Little Krishna Online Photo Contest - Happiest Ladies

The festivity is still in the air. Naughty little Krishna just arrived the other day.  Don’t we have similar little lords in our very home! We leave no stone unturned to dress up our little one like Krishna or Radha.

Why not send the photos you clicked of your child in Krishna/Radha’s dress to us and take part in the photo contest.

Little Krishna Online Photo Contest - Happiest Ladies

Happy Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2016

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First of all, wishing you all a very Happy Krishna Janmashtami.

Today is celebrated in memeroy of Lord Krishna's birth. The puja traditions and celebrations varies across the entire nation.

Udupi Krishna - Sri Krishna Janmashtami images wishes
Udupi Sri Krishna - handmade oil painting on canvas

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Swatches, Price & Photos

At the very first glance one would agree that the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor shades are too beautiful. The swatches indicate that they are full coverage colors.  

These lipcolors are available in bold shades of pinks and reds.

Price: Rs.1,195

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor swatches
LtoR: Addiction, Temptation, Love, Devotion, Passion, Flirtation, Obsession, Seduction

Cute Indian Kids Dressed as Lord Krishna

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Festivals are lined up and it is high time for celebrations. The sweets, decorations, dressing up, wishes, happiness, that prevail all around fills the air with lots of excitement. Such is the greatness of every Indian religious festival.

Krishna Ashthami is the upcoming festival which is celebrated with great pomp across the country. 

The Dahi Handi event is the most popular on this day. And dressing up little kids as Krishna is another major part of the festival.

indian kids in krishna fancy dress2

VLCC Products On The Testing Table - Facial Kits, Pedicure-Manicure Kit, Blue Kohl

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Who does not know VLCC, the brand that helps in SHAPING YOUR CONFIDENCE?
I have personally liked their skin care products, especially their wide range of face washes which they make differently to suit each skin type.

On my desk are few VLCC products* which I am yet to open up and use.

VLCC beauty products reviews

How To Make Rakhi At Home | Handmade Rakhis Kids Designs

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Today’s date was marked for the special festival of sisters and brothers on the Hindu Calendar in India. This festival is celebrated with great excitement; the fervour gripped the entire nation today.
The auspicious and the holy day also known as Rakhi Purnima; signify, honours and celebrates the affectionate bond between brothers and sisters.

The rakhi stalls and the sweet stalls are packed with customers demanding lot of things at a time. Stall owners make sure that they work over time keeping the stalls open and extending their sale time.

We, bring you a fun activity for kids here. Make a simple rakhi at home with kids craft activity materials.

handmade rakhis 2016

Happy Varamahalakshmi Vratha Festival 2016

One of the important festivals in Karnataka is Vara Mahalakshmi Vratha. This auspicious day is celebrated by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity, health and happiness.

Vara Lakshmi Vratha

6 Best School Fancy Dress Ideas – Indian Maharaja | Royal King

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If you have been collecting ideas about how to dress your child as a royal king for the school fancy dress completion, then you have come to the right place.

Usually little boys are given the role of the king and dressed accordingly. There are no hard and fast rules that young girls cannot dress themselves as Indian Maharaja. 

school fancy dress indian maharaja

How to Dress-up like Indian King | Indian Maharaja Fancy Dress Ideas

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If you have come to this blog space, it simple means that you have been searching for fancy dress ideas for your little one.

Is there a fancy dress competition at the school very soon? Well, we wish you happy dressing your child, good luck and best wishes. 

This is a humble attempt of sharing few ideas of how to dress like an Indian King or Indian Maharaja as we call it. 

school fancy dress idea indian king

The Mango Season is Not Yet Over…Why Not Try Mango Kulfi Before The Season Ends !

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The season of mangoes and summer coincide in India. For foodies, mango season offers sweet, savoury and spicy treats that are prepared as part of various cuisines both in its ripe and raw form.

There are so many options to keep your sweet tooth satiated, if you are one extensive sweet lover.

While the mango season starts during early March, the yield mostly enters the fruit market by mid or last week of April. The peak season being end of April to end of June, there are some parts in India where mangoes are found until at least mid of August.

how o make mango kulfi

10 Hindu Madhwa Rituals Followed Before & After Child Birth

The birth of a baby is the happiest thing every family experiences in their life time.

India being a land of rituals, there are several rite, customs, traditions and religious auspicious practices that comes along with every major event in life. 

Hindu Rites Before After Child Birth

How To Look All Voguish Even While It's Raining Cats And Dogs

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Oh No.! It is raining again. Now how am I to go out? This is a situation that all the girls face, every time during the rainy season. However, we do not want to look all shabby after going out in rains and wish to keep our style as it is until the end of the day. We can surely do so if we follow some simple tips during the rainy season to look all voguish even when it's showering heavy outside.
Here Are A Few Tips That You Can Follow Throughout The Rainy Season:

american swan womens clothing

Mayonnaise Beauty Treatments & Benefits | How to Soften Hair & Skin with Mayonnaise

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If you think Mayonnaise is best only as sandwich spread, dip or sausage, then you are not aware of the other unusual way it can be used and its benefits.

If you have dry straw like hair tresses or brittle nails or rough elephant like skin, then mayonnaise can be of your great help. 

how to use mayonnaise for skin hair

Easy Recipe to Make Stovetop Popcorn at Home

Cinema, birthday party, a casual kids party at home (Bachcha Party as we call it in Hindi), friends get together for chatting; the common thing we do is munch something together.

Popping popcorns is a great idea. It can be made in few minutes and is just the right thing to pop into the mouth. The crispy crunchy sound gets along with the noise we/kids make too.

popcorn at home

Big Rangoli Designs for Festive and Special Occasions

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‘Rangoli’ is an Indian art that shows vibrant beautiful colourful designs made from fine sand/flour that are dyed in colours.

Every special occasion sees the décor with gorgeous rangoli designs.

Though making rangoli designs takes some amount of practice and effort, it is a great talent that is nurtured and appreciated in India. It is a sign of welcoming.

Here are few of the beautiful designs that are large and perfect for festive occasions or wedding décor.

Some dotted, while some are freehand designs, most of the rangoli designs ever done are versatile in nature.

rangoli design for wedding decor