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Benefits of Storing Water in Copper Vessel

In the age of automatic water purifiers, it sounds weird about storing drinking water in a copper vessel. Also, the copper vessel really does not suit your modular kitchen :). But when the fact directly points to our health we rule away all the modernization and stick to our granny’s thoughts.

Yes, I am talking about drinking water stored in copper vessel which our ancestors followed.

Benefits of Storing Water in Copper Vessel

Here are some true health benefits from drinking water stored in copper vessel.

Copper has antimicrobial properties. Thus, the water stored in it prevents all water borne diseases.
Copper helps to detox your stomach, heals ulcers,acidity, infections and improves digestion.
Drinking water stored in copper vessel empty stomach, improves functioning of all organs and balances “Vatha”, “pitha” and “kapha” which is route cause for all diseases.
Copper metal improves the formation of myelin sheath that covers the brain neurons. This stimulates the working of brain faster and efficiently.
Thyroid diseases usually show the low levels of copper in our body. Drinking water stored in copper jugs cure the deficiency helping the functionality of thyroid gland.
The anti- inflammatory properties in copper metal relieves joint pains.
Copper improves the melanin production in skin and production of new cells keeping your skin young and healthy, covering scars and sun damages.
Copper improves heart health, regulates blood pressure, breaks down cholesterol and fat.

How To Store Water in a Copper Vessel?

Copper vessels are the best water containers. Store water in a copper jug overnight and consume on empty stomach the next morning. The copper metal gets leached into the water showing all its positive effects and the clean water which none of the water filters do.

How To Clean Copper Vessel?

Cleaning the copper vessel is a different process. Do not scrub with a dish washer, the copper metal will tear away. Copper vessel usually have green or brown stains when used regularly.
Rub a piece of tamarind over the copper surface, and rinse with water. U can later use a pinch of dish washer to remove the tamarind flavor.
Lemon juice can also be squeezed for cleaning.

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