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VLCC Lovable Lips Lip Balms in Rose and Cherry Review

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Who can live without lip balms? Be it any season, I cannot go without a lip balm. I have one tube or tub in every vanity bag of mine.

For day time, I prefer tinted ones as they make my job easier. I need not mandatorily wear a lipstick when I wear a tinted lip balm. For night time I prefer non-colour, thick textured, waxy lip balm since they make my lips butter soft by the time I wake up in the morning.

Now, one of the new addition into my vanity are lip balms from VLCC, they are gorgeously tinted and in perfect shade that I wish for.

VLCC Lovable Lips Lip Balms

Read review of VLCC Lovable Lips in Rose and Cherry.

Package is the usual kind, a twist up tube with a plastic cap. The tube has indications showing that you are using rose or cherry.

The texture of both is soft and smooth. The lip balms glide extremely easily on the lips giving a moistened feel. Softens the dry areas on the lips and stays on for at least 3 hours easily. Reapplication is necessary as is the case with most of the lip balms.

The light non-sticky formula of these lip care products from VLCC will surely be your preferred lip balms over any other lip care products.

The tint you get on the lips with Rose lip balm is beautiful. The blushing pink is lightly tinted pale pink which makes the lips look naturally healthy.

VLCC Lovable Lips Rose Lipbalm

VLCC Lovable Lips Rose key ingredients

Cherry gives a maroon brown tint to the lips and makes the lips a little bold. But since it is only a lip balm, it gives only a hint of the bold color to the lips.

VLCC Lovable Lips Cherry Lipbalm

VLCC Lovable Lips Cherry key ingredients

When you have very little time to get ready, or if you do your makeup when on wheels, then these lip balms are the ones you can rely upon, especially VLCC Lovable Lips Cherry.

They can be sneaked into any pocket of your jeans, wallet or vanity bag, extremely travel friendly.
I personally love both of them, but have a special liking towards Cherry for the beautiful colour it imparts on the lips. 

VLCC Lovable Lips tinted lip balms

Priced economically at just Rs.125 for a quantity of 4.5 g of lip balm, makes them one of the best tinted lip balms available in India.

Rating: 4.5/5

Highly recommended for all season.

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